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My Power Station

My Power Station  ICT and Alchemy

Delphi & Oracle Programmer

Delphi & Oracle Programmer  



Energy Expert

Energy Expert  

Reiki Master

Reiki Master  

Tai Chi Instructor

Tai Chi Instructor  

Meditation Teacher

Meditation Teacher  





African Djembe Drummer

African Djembe Drummer  

African Djembe Drummer

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ICT and Alchemy
Delphi & Oracle Software and Oracle at Delphi Alchemy

Helping you with your next step

"The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of all kinds." The Dalai Lama.

"Privacy" notice: anything you share with us remains private. We don't share it with anyone else.

The pattern behind everything I do is helping people with their next step. I have discovered that people want to spend time with me, or just chatting or talking to me, to help through their current situation or crisis. And once I have helped, they don't need me anymore, until next time ...


Delphi & Oracle Programmer Software Development mainly using Delphi and Oracle

The following represent some of the things we have done in Cape Town, South Africa, and in other parts of the world, during the past 22 years of our existence:

1) Writing Client Specific Client/Server Software mostly using Delphi and Oracle. Delphi is a front end Windows development environment and Oracle is a server relational database system. The software I write is mostly financial, incentive and loyalty related; I also work with SQL Server and mySQL. I use TOAD and other development environments.

2) Enterprise Architecture including full product development life cycle from the brainstorming phase, through feasibility and then on to user specification, technical specification, software development, testing, implementation, training, library management. This waterfall method is done in an Agile way so that systems are incrementally delivered as often as possible.

3) Integrating backoffice software with ERP and accounting systems including AdaptaAccounts and Sage ERP 300 (AccPac) in the Oracle and SQL Server environments.

4) Writing add-ons for ERP systems including: Factory Management Systems; Bar Coded Warehousing; Stock/Inventory Management. See Vrede Case Study

5) Statistical analysis of databases; optimising database queries and reports and data warehousing.

6) Business Intelligence Services including Dashboards, Balanced Scorecard, MindJet MindManager, Microsoft Powerpoint and other products.

Interesting fact: I touch type.

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Alchemist An Oracle at Delphi

As an Alchemist, I actively listen to what you tell me and help you see the patterns in your speech and I help you use what you are saying to answer the questions you have in your life. Books such as 'The Healing Power of Illness' and talks, books and courses by Chantel Oppelt, Carolyn Myss and Barbara Ann Brennan inform this work.

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Energy Expert Internal and External Energy Expert

Internal Energy

Tai Chi
Reiki (Master and Teacher)
Shaliach Tzibbur (Prayer Leader and Commentator)
Meditator (Buddhist and Bodhisattva)
Djembe Drumming

External Energy

My working life
Trust Generator
Renewable Energy and Water
Working towards a new paradigm "Success = Living off Grids"

This energy expertise has led to me finding my Life Methodology. It is called My Power Station.

See my video: Emerging the My Power Station Methodology on YouTube


Reiki Master Energy Healing

I am a Reiki Master and a qualified Teacher, although I haven't taught Reiki yet. Reiki and my other internal energy work has allowed me to get in touch with myself and learn how to heal lifetimes of Karma.


Tai Chi Instructor A moving meditation

Tai Chi helps me to settle my very active mind. Only after seven years of Tai Chi and Chi Kung did I realise that "the beginners mind" happens when one knows the movements, and then can see and feel the energy "for the first time" each time one does the movements. "With childlike wonder" is another expression we use.


Meditation Teacher Jewish and Buddhist Meditation Practitioner

Teaching insight meditation using Buddhist and Jewish principles.
On a Bodhisattva and Kabbalist journey to enlightenment


Bodhisattva Renewing my pledge to keep returning to earth to help people achieve enlightenment.

This doesn't mean that I am enlightened. I struggle with the daily challenges just like everyone else, and I question why I am here, and what I must do. But I know my methodology and my alchemy and my archetypes. And I help people with their next step, and by helping others, I learn my next steps.


Kabbalist Graphic Kabbala with Geometric Gematria and Sacred Geometry

My Kabbalist learning is through The Yahalom, Rabbi Dr Lionel Mirvis. Whilst I still believe that I am a beginner, the people who I have taught and counselled tell me that I know a lot, and Rabbi Mirvis recently said that I am a Kabbalist, so I believe I can say this now. Kabbala gives me a deep understanding of the Torah and other Biblical Sources and the deep foundation behind and underneath Torah. This helps me delve into the Shadow and Subconscious underpinnings of who we are and it gives me a deeper look "behind the scenes".


African Djembe Drummer Tuning in

Psalm 150 tells us to Praise the Divine with cymbals, trumpets, harps, dancing and with our breath. The African Djembe Drum is a fine way of getting in touch with ourselves and is very much a part of my healing and making whole (Shalem and Neshima) process. I have also trained with Bevil Spence to teach and lead African Djembe Drumming.


Let's talk  

Thanks for getting this far. Something that has a common thread in Meditation, Tai Chi, Djembe Drumming, Bodhicitta (what Bodhisattvas do), Kabbala, etc, is that there are "No Exams". We are as good as we are and we can have good and bad days, or good and bad minutes.

If you would like to explore my world, and thereby explore your world, then contact me or subscribe to my mailing list.

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